Le Royal Champagne delivers meals to remember

Our resort is a food connoisseur’s fantasy



Le Royal, Gastronomic Restaurant

Accessible fine dining

Our gastronomic restaurant makes fine dining contemporary and even fun, through the use vegetables grown by our own staff, meat delivered daily by our farmer friends, and honey harvested on our grounds. Every perfectly composed dish is plated on custom Maison Fragile china, designed for the resort by Nicolas Ouchenir. Multi-course tasting menus or a la carte meals are paired with wines selected by sommelier Daniel Pires, and finish with sweets by award-winning pastry chef Cédric Servela.

Menu Royal 


Le Bellevue restaurant

Authentic cuisine in a friendly atmosphere

Set beneath a thousand crystal pendants that reflect the sun’s rays, Le Bellevue takes its cues from the terroir of Champagne. Chef Jean-Denis Rieubland sources his produce and meat from locals and friends in the region, resulting in an ever-changing menu full of rich stories and intense flavors.

Carte Bellevue

The Bar

Our bartender chef's playground

We stop there from noon to one in the morning.To meet, have lunch, share.For a first drink at the counter, for the sacred aperitif.For a sunset, for the last drink too …

Our terrace

Cocktail & champagne break in the sun

Unmissable in summertime, the Bellevue Terrace invites you to enjoy cocktails, champagne and chef’s dishes in a friendly setting. An unbeatable viewpoint in the region!

The Chef’s Table

A unique experience

In the heart of stainless steel kitchens, and a brigade in action, the chef receives a few privileged guest by reservation only.