Meet the Family

Our team members are more than just hotel staff; they are committed members of our extended family, here to make the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa a memorable place for escape.

Vincent Parinaud

General manager

After working for the Peninsula Hotels in Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as years at revered hotel such as the Plaza Athenee and The Connaught, Parinaud is determined to elevate this region of France—one with no world-class hotel until now—to global acclaim.

Jean-Denis Rieubland

Executive Chef

A chef from the south who knows the Côte d’Azur like the back of his hand. He has held the honor of Best Worker of France since 2007, won two Michelin stars in 2012 and is now embarking on a new challenge: that of bringing a fresh look on the culture of Champagne and its terroir.

Cédric Servela

Pastry chef

Pastry Chef and chocolatier Cédric Servela earned his toque at Le Chantecler restaurant in Nice (awarded 2 Michelin stars) before heading to Paris
for the opening of Le Crillon hotel.

Daniel Pires

Chef Sommelier

Having worked at renowned houses such as the Silver Tower, The Laurent and The Theleme Scene, Pires is a passionate (and innovative) wine expert. It will only take a few minutes to be smitten by his recommendations.

Karim Loqrifi

Chief Concierge

This is the person to contact to organize a dream stay in Champagne. Karim will guide guests toward the itinerary they desire, organizing all the logistics that goes with it.

Stéphanie Vigneront

Executive Housekeeper

Madam "zero defect,” takes pride in her work. After spend time in major Parisian houses, Stéphanie has a keen eye with a focus on detail. Nothing is ever out of place or overlooked by this tough woman.

Elise Roulon

Director of the Spa

Expert in the world of well-being, Elise is a fervent advocate of time for oneself. Meeting her during any stay is a must, as her love of wellness is infectious.

Florent Chauveau

Food & Beverage Manager

A passionate young man, back in France after a stint in London, Florent aspires to only one thing: to please his guests.

Gregory Charlier

Royal catering manager

Originally from Belgium, Gregory is a connoisseur of the region, after spending several years there. Here in France, he has become immersed in Champagne culture, food and terroir, and is in charge of the hotel's gourmet restaurant.